LGBT Activists Won’t Admit Anything’s Wrong With A Man Flashing Children During Drag Queen Story Hour

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There is little room for polite interpretation when the headline reads “Drag Queen Flashes Crotch to Children During ‘Story Hour’ Event,” as RedState reported on Oct. 29. Rather than hyperbole or an overreaction, the headline describes the event very literally. On Oct. 18, 2019, an organization called Child Protection League Action posted a disturbing photo taken at a Minnesota public library featuring a drag queen sitting in a chair with his legs spread open, revealing his crotch to the children sitting in front of him.

The photo was taken mid-movement, with the presenter clearly in the middle of a performance, and looks accidental. It is unclear if nudity is involved, but the image perfectly demonstrates the concern of conservatives and parents everywhere. Adult entertainment is not suitable for children.

The drag queen, a young man who goes under the name “Sasha Sota,” performs at gay night clubs and posts videos of his performances. He is not a comedian like legendary drag queen Bianca Del Rio. He does not perform as a character like the hilarious and iconic Trixie Mattel. He is a provocative adult entertainer, and as so many on the right have been screaming from the rooftops for years now, such entertainment is simply not for kids. Those that promote drag queens reading to small children nationwide seem intent on refusing to recognize this fact.

Drag Queen Story Hour, as it is known internationally, is intended to be an advocacy movement to normalize LGBT culture and open gender creativity for children. The idea behind it, as told by a drag queen named Tree Empress 45 Onalicious Mercury, is that “You can be anything you want, I’m a drag queen.” He continued saying, “We’re the embodiment of fantasy and fairy tales. … Why not be for kids?” The curator for the San Diego History Center, which also features drag queen children’s events, argued, “Kids respond to its color and its charm and its funniness, and they are entertained.”
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