Kevin McCarthy loses EIGHTH ballot for House Speaker

Congress by Matthew Bornhorst is licensed under

Embattled GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy is on track to lose an eighth-round vote for House Speaker on Thursday, further fueling the chaos that's engulfed his party and paralyzed Capitol Hill.

One of his detractors, Rep. Andy Biggs of Arizona, once again nominated GOP Rep. Byron Donalds as a spoiler to derail McCarthy's road to a majority vote.

Another, Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, voted for Donald Trump for a second time. 

And outspoken Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado named yet another Republican lawmaker when it was her time to cast a ballot.

She first only mentioned support for 'Kevin,' twisting her knife of disapproval into the embattled GOP leader as she clarified her support was with incoming Republican Study Committee chair Kevin Hern of Oklahoma. 

Congress by Matthew Bornhorst is licensed under