Homeschool parents pave the way to Educational Independence

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Across the country, children are trapped in failing government schools, despite the fact our Founding Fathers never allocated the job of educating our nation’s children to the federal government in any of the United States’ founding documents. Once compulsory education took hold, government instructed parents how to raise their children and all but forced them to send kids to government-run schools, by creating a monopoly of “free” schools we, the taxpayers, pay for.

However, after decades of setbacks, the tide is finally changing in favor of liberty, and parents are reclaiming their right to educate their children how they see fit. In dozens of states this year alone, there has been an education-choice resurgence, with several bills to establish and/or expand school choice programs successfully signed into law.

But nowhere has educational freedom been embraced more fervently than in the homeschooling community, and the booming popularity of the homeschool movement is worthy of the best and brightest fireworks!

The authors of a recent Pioneer Institute paper, aptly named “Homeschooling: The Ultimate School Choice,” found homeschooling is, against all odds, succeeding masterfully.

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