New Poll Numbers Have Hillary in a Rage

  • 05/04/2017
  • Press Corp
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Hillary Clinton’s massive polling leads over Donald Trump are narrowing, partly because even Democrats can’t bring themselves to trust her.

The Washington Times reports:

New polling shows voters rate Donald Trump as more honest than Mrs. Clinton, underscoring deep questions that have been swirling for decades around the former secretary of state and current front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination.  

Sen. Bernard Sanders, her competitor for the nomination, warns of electoral “disaster” if she’s Democrats’ pick this fall, and analysts say there’s little she can do to truly change the narrative, especially when presumptive GOP nominee Mr. Trump begins his own blistering assault over the summer...  

...While voters in the Democratic primary have indeed been voting for Mrs. Clinton, there’s renewed pessimism within the party about her prospects in the fall. New Quinnipiac polling this week shows Mrs. Clinton virtually tied with Mr. Trump in the key battleground states of Pennsylvania and Florida and 4 percentage points behind in Ohio.

Source: Washington Times
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