Google embraces ‘evil’ with CENSORED search engine for oppressive China

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GOOGLE's "evil" plan to gain a foothold in China with a censored search engine that scrubs results about human rights and religion has been exposed.

In the next few months, the tech giant will launch a custom Android app that bows to the country's oppressive Communist regime by restricting access to info officials deem "unfavourable", according to The Intercept.

The publication was tipped off to Google's secret meetings with Chinese President Xi Jinping's top aides by insiders "familiar with the plans" and internal documents.

Just months after it axed its "Don't be evil" motto from its code of conduct, is the big G fully embracing the dark side?

The so-called "Dragonfly" project hinges on an app for Google's Android mobile operating system – the most popular smartphone OS in China by a mile and Google's one bright spot in the country, which has long banned its most popular products, including its search engine.
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