Crime is so bad in DC that Congress is distributing tips to avoid being carjacked in capital

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House Administration Committee Chairman Bryan Steil, (R-Wis.) on Monday warned would-be visitors to Washington, D.C. of rising crime in the nation's capital and advised people how to respond to criminal acts and to minimize the risk of being victimized by violence like carjackings.

The District of Columbia is currently struggling to contend with increased criminal activity that has many questioning the safety of living in the city at all. Compared to this point in 2022, data from the D.C. Metropolitan Police shows that homicides are up 28% and on pace to reach their highest levels in more than 20 years. Robberies, meanwhile, are up 67%. Residents have testified to increasingly driving for short distances due to fear of going outside.

Amid the crime wave, the Mexican consulate in Washington, D.C., has warned its citizens that "The city of Washington, D.C. is experiencing a significant increase in crime in areas previously considered safe. Take precautions. In an emergency, call 911."

In response to the troubling trend, Steil convened a safety meeting on Monday with both Capitol and Metropolitan Police in attendance. During the proceedings, a pair of Capitol Hill staffers recounted an instance in which they were mugged.. The meeting produced a litany of recommendations for staffers to contend with the jump in crime.

Green old car is parking on the road by Arisa Chattasa is licensed under