Conservatives Blast McConnell’s Upcoming Sellout to Democrats on Omnibus Bill—$ 1.65 TRILLION IN NEW SPENDING

The Republican Party theoretically sits in a position of strength on government funding thanks to winning control of the House last month. But one man stands in the way of exercising this new-found leverage: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The logical move by Republicans is to unite on a short-term funding bill for a few months. This gives the Republican House next year an opportunity to rein in the Biden Regime’s profligate spending which has driven up inflation and the deficit.

McConnell, though, is determined to hand Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer a major win. He took to the Senate floor Wednesday to push for “a truly bipartisan full-year bill” instead of a reasonable short-term funding bill:

“If a truly bipartisan full-year bill without poison pills is ready for final Senate passage by late next week, then I’ll support it—for our armed forces particularly,” McConnell said “Otherwise, we’ll be passing a short-term continuing resolution into the new year.”