Conservative Punched in the Face at Berkeley Recruitment Drive

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conservative helping students recruit at the University of California-Berkeley was punched in the face this week.

Video footage obtained exclusively by Campus Reform shows Hayden Williams,  a Leadership Institute field representative, was punched multiple times by an unidentified person calling him a “racist...b*tch." The Leadership Institute is Campus Reform's parent organization. At the time of the incident, the alleged victim was helping students recruit other conservatives for Turning Point USA behind a table with a sign that read, "hate crime hoaxes hurt real victims,” a reference to the Jussie Smollett case in Chicago. But at least twice, the situation turned violent and now, police are asking for help in identifying the suspects. 

“Mother f*cker. You racist little inbred b*tch. C**t!,” the man who punched the alleged victim shouted. 

At one point, the same man said he would "shoot" Williams.

A UC-Berkeley spokesman confirmed with Campus Reform on Wednesday that the incident is currently under investigation.
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