CNN report exposes how Asian-Americans in San Francisco are abandoning Democratic Party

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For decades, San Francisco has been a bastion of progressive politics. But a new CNN report detailed how radical, far-left politics are alienating Asian-Americans, a warning sign to national Democrats.

One-third of San Francisco residents are Asian-American. But growing "discontent" among the Asian-American community is "driving a series of political shake-ups in San Francisco," according to CNN national correspondent Kyung Lah.

Community organizer Forrest Liu recently spoke with Lah about the sentiment within his community. He explained that Asian-Americans awoke to the reality of their city when the COVID-19 pandemic hit three years ago.

That's when his community learned they were not as safe as they thought, that city leaders did not listen to them, and progressive politics had ruined the education system.

Asian Man by KE ATLAS is licensed under