CNN Compares Pro-Life Republicans To Infanticide-Endorsing Democrat Governor

Ralph Northam by is licensed under Flickr
On CNN's "Inside Politics," host John King led a discussion on a pro-life law in Mississippi that could be in danger after a recent hearing with a federal judge, NewsBusters' Curtis Houck reported.

Washington Post reporter Paul Kane then compared Republicans to Northam, saying: "Four months ago, Democrats were on the defensive with Virginia and some of the comments of the governor down there and talking about when life begins and potentially aborting born babies."

"Now, it's on completely the opposite foot," Kane continued. "Republicans are completely on the defensive."

CNN reporter Kaitlan Collin, who is from Alabama, tried to argue that the state was split on the issue of abortion, which led to this line from Houck:

Sorry, but the vote in the Alabama House was 74-3 and it passed 25-6 in the state Senate, so not exactly a split vote.