Chinese State Media: Trump China Policy ‘Most Barbarian Ever’

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The People’s Daily, the official newspaper of the Communist Party of China, and Xinhua, Beijing’s more superficially objective news source, both published columns claiming that President Donald Trump had set into motion a series of events that would irreparably damage the U.S. economy. The People’s Daily, in one column, asserted that “International relations will never go back to barbarian era,” Trump’s trade strategy was “ridiculous,” and that the world has rejected Washington’s distrust of the Chinese.

“By interfering with the naturally developed global industrial chain by supremacy, the US has adopted the most barbarian method ever in the history of modern international economic and trade relations. It is nothing but ridiculous and hegemonic,” the column proclaimed. “It’s obvious to all that China never fears any threats and is ready to cope with challenges. The US, though acting arbitrarily at present, will finally exhaust its energy one day.”

“The wayward decision of the US government on its foreign trade policy is considered ridiculous by the global media,” the piece declared. “Though the US is claiming again and again that it is a winner in the trade war, the international community just thinks the other way, because the arbitrary acts of Washington are stupid which have ruthlessly given a blow to the US agriculture and hurt the interests of US consumers and enterprises.”

“In addition, the acts also severely damaged the global industrial chain that once greatly benefited the US,” it alleged, accusing the Trump administration of “superficial views, unreason and lack of morality.”
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