Chicago Mayor Elect Defends Rioters As Video Emerges of White Woman Being Beaten by Mob of Black Youths

Riot by Flavio Gasperini is licensed under

Chicago Mayor-elect Brandon Johnson defended rioters who caused chaos on Saturday night, saying they shouldn’t be ‘demonized’, as video emerged of a group of black youths beating a white woman in the street.

Authorities struggled to deal with large mobs of teenagers who smashed up cars, destroyed public and private property, then later engaged in random shootings in downtown areas of the city.

News crews had to pull their reporters out of the area as yet another Democrat-run major city experienced utter bedlam and lawlessness.

Now a new clip has emerged of a white woman being viciously beaten by a large mob of black youths at 129 North Wabash.

Riot by Flavio Gasperini is licensed under