Chelsea Manning is going back to jail

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Manning is going back to jail.

A spokesperson for Manning told Reuters earlier that she would argue that the grand jury is only used for investigations and that it is improper to call Manning in order to prepare for trial. The subpoena “represents an improper and impermissible use of the grand jury process,” the spokesperson said. Manning is also requesting that the court force the government to turn over any evidence that she was electronically surveilled by any U.S. intelligence agencies.

Manning—who was infamously convicted of violating the Espionage Act by disclosing thousands of “classified (and unclassified but ‘sensitive’) documents” to WikiLeaks—was previously held in contempt for 62 days after she refused to comply with another subpoena from the Eastern District of Virginia.

Manning was released because the previous subpoena expired. Right after she got out of jail, she posted a YouTube video explaining why she did not comply with the last subpoena, and reiterated that she will not comply again with any new subpoena.
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