Can Trump crush Democratic 'blue wave' in midterm congressional elections?

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Americans headed to the polls on Turesday in crucial midterm elections that will serve as a referendum on the first two years of President Donald Trump's presidency and determine how much – or how little – help he will have in Congress during the rest of his first term.

Every seat in the House of Representatives is up for grabs, along with 35 of the 100 Senate seats. Voters will also decide on 36 races for state governors.

Republicans aim to hold their majorities in both chambers of Congress. Democrats are trying to take over in what pundits call a 'blue wave.' Trump will gather with friends and family to watch the results in the White House, according to Press Secretary Sarah Sanders. 

With Trump as president, the nation's off-year political contests have taken on the character of the World Series instead of the sleepy minor-league affairs they usually are. 
Trump by N/A is licensed under N/A