California is run by politicians who are '100% pro-criminal,' 30-year law enforcement veteran says

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A California sheriff criticized politicians for caving to what he called a "far-left agenda" that is fueling rising crime across parts of the Golden State.

"We're just in a complete state of dysfunction," Riverside County Sheriff Chad Bianco told Fox News. "The far left is 100% anti-police, anti-sheriff, anti-public safety, pro-criminal. They are 100% pro-criminal."

Bianco said politicians have chipped away at public safety in California for about a decade, starting with Assembly Bill 109, which transferred responsibility for some inmates and parolees from state authorities to county jails and probation officers.

Then voters approved Prop 47 in 2014, which changed crimes like theft of goods under $950 and drug possession from felonies to misdemeanors. It reduced California’s prison population by more than 13,000 inmates.

California by Lala Miklós is licensed under