California has spent $4 million on prisoners' sex changes

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The state of California has spent over $4 million of taxpayer funds on surgeries related to sex changes, cosmetic procedures, and more for prisoners since 2017. Some of the prisoners who received procedures were on death row, as well.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that since California became for the first state to offer to pay for sex changes for prisoners, millions of dollars have been spent on surgeries and procedures for 157 inmates, with four of those inmates being on death row.

Between 2017 and July 2023, $2.5 million was spent on vaginoplasties for 35 male prisoners, according to documents obtained by the Free Beacon.

Another 11 male prisoners got breast implants costing the state more than $180,000. Two men in the prison system got what were described as facial feminization surgeries, totaling $184,141.

male or female by Dainis Graveris is licensed under