Brexit Breakdown

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MPs voted down all alternative Brexit options in a second round of votes aimed at finding a replacement for Theresa May's Brexit deal last night. 

The Commons rejected a customs union, Norway-style soft Brexit, second referendum and cancelling Brexit - less than a week after eight plans were rejected in the first round. All the plans got fewer Aye votes than Mrs May's deal received on its third drubbing on Friday. 

The customs union plan proposed by Ken Clarke was closest to victory - losing by just three votes 276 to 273. A second referendum got the most votes overall for a second week, with 280 votes to 292 against.  

Tory MP Nick Boles sensationally resigned from his party moments after the votes were announced - blaming the Conservatives' refusal to compromise for the failure to find a way forward. His plan for a Norway-style soft Brexit was defeated 282 to 261 - having won just 33 Tory votes. 
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