BREAKING: Massachusetts Ballot Theft Caught on Camera — Security Footage Allegedly Reveals Woman Stealing Man’s Mail-In Ballot Who Was Informed He Already Voted

A man from Lawrence, Massachusetts, reported an alarming incident involving his mail-in ballot that he discovered through his home security system.

NBC Boston reported that the man, who has chosen to remain anonymous, experienced confusion at his polling place on Election Day, only to return home and uncover security camera footage that seemed to capture a woman illicitly taking his ballot from his mailbox. This incident prompted him to alert the authorities.

Democrat Secretary of State Bill Galvin, speaking with NBC’s Darren Botelho, confirmed that this was one of two reports of voter fraud in the city, with indications that there might be more complaints on the way. Investigations are being conducted at both state and local levels.

“We’re going to get all the ballots out of Lawrence, all the mail-in ballots and provisionals, and reconcile the list. If it’s necessary to further investigate by contacting people who supposedly voted by mail, we will do so,” Galvin said.