Boris Johnson urges UK to offer ALL its fighter jets and tanks to Ukraine

Boris Johnson urged the UK to offer all its fighter jets and tanks to Ukraine today after Volodymyr Zelensky delivered an emotional address to MPs and Peers in Westminster Hall.

The ex-PM said the 'best use' for the UK's 100 Typhoon jets and similar stocks of Challenger tanks was in the battle against Russian aggression. But while No10 has already pledged to send some tanks, it has held back on jets, warning that training pilots could take years. 

The call came after the Ukrainian President was given a rapturous reception at the Palace of Westminster on his first visit to Britain since the invasion. 

Watched by Rishi Sunak, and with Mr Johnson in the audience, Mr Zelensky insisted that more help will be needed to defeat the Russian aggressors. He presented Speaker Lindsay Hoyle with a helmet signed by one of Kyiv's top pilots and appealed for the UK to supply 'powerful' aircraft - after Mr Sunak announced that Britain will train forces in how to fly them.