Smug liberal site accidentally reveals anti-gun states have more mass shootings

  • 05/04/2017
  • Press Corp
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Vox has embarrassed itself again.

The smug liberal "news" site published a breathless story this week claiming mass shootings are running rampant in states with constitutionally-compliant gun laws.

"After Sandy Hook we said never again. And then we let 1,002 mass shootings happen," the article's headline read.

But, as usual, reality mocks liberalism.

It turns out the "we" in "we let 1,002 mass shootings happen" refers to people who want to ban guns.

They accidentally proved their own anti-gun policies produce more mass shootings.

The Daily Caller reports:

TheDCNF’s analysis found that 543 of the mass shootings listed by Vox occurred in blue states while only 330 occurred in red states. If adjusted to account for differences in the size of population, blue states have .381 mass shootings per 100,000 people, while red states have a mere .267.

Places where Democrats controlled the state legislature were even more likely to have mass shootings than the average blue state. This means that a mass shooting, as defined by Vox, is 42 percent more likely to occur in a blue state after accounting for population differences.

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