Biden: 'Not 1 Single Whisper of Scandal' During Obama's Presidency, Gets Torched

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President Donald Trump told Sean Hannity last night that his nickname for Biden is “Sleepy Joe,” but he really wanted to go with a name that “rhymes with sleepy if you know what I mean.” Trump is referring to “creepy,” but the president said his advisors thought that would be too “mean.”

Well, based on Biden’s first-day campaigning, the president might switch to “Creepy Uncle Joe” real soon. The 76-year-old former Veep showed up on The View where he told Joy Behar one of the biggest lies about Barack Obama’s presidency.

“I’m incredibly proud to have served with him,” Biden said. “The thing I’m proudest of is, we, coincidentally, were each in a different part of the country and we were each talking to groups of people that were being televised and at the same day, purely coincidentally, we were asked what are you proudest of from your administration? You know what I said — he said the same thing as I did — not one single whisper of scandal.”

It was truly pathetic. The Obama administration was riddled with scandals:
  • Operation Fast & Furious
  • Benghazi
  • IRS targeting conservative 501(c)3 nonprofits
  • Ignoring Hezbollah drug-running
  • Trading five Taliban prisoners for Army deserter Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl
  • Secret VA waiting lists
  • Mass domestic spying by the NSA
  • DOJ investigation of journalists
  • Mocking Mitt Romney for sounding the alarm on Russia
  • Calling ISIS the “JV Team”
  • Iran Deal “echo chamber“
  • Possible FISA abuse at DOJ/FBI
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