Biden calls David Axelrod a 'p----' in private as ex-Obama adviser voices election concerns: report

Joe Biden by Lisa Ferdinando is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Politico columnist Jonathan Martin hammered President Biden's re-election strategy on Monday and argued that reportedly calling former Obama adviser David Axelrod a "p----" in private was not going to win him votes.

Martin also criticized Biden's decision to debate poll results with the White House press corps, adding that it wouldn't make his victory in 2024 any likelier. 

"Calling David Axelrod ‘a p----,’ as a person who has heard Biden use the word says he does in private, is not a strategy to win 270 electoral votes. And repeating a PG version of the same animus in public while litigating polling with the White House press corps also won’t make Biden’s re-election any likelier," Martin wrote in Politico.

Axelrod has mused aloud whether it is "wise" for Biden to seek re-election as he faces grim swing-state polls and Democratic fretting over his age and ability to again defeat former President Trump. Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked Biden about polling that showed him trailing Trump in battleground states last week.

Joe Biden by Lisa Ferdinando is licensed under CC BY 2.0