Ahead of August 28 Primary, Google Censors Content for U.S. Senate Candidate Dr. Kelli Ward

  • 08/24/2018
  • Press Corp
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Political Media, Inc. faces circular administrative blocks preventing the promotion of Kelli Ward for Senate microsite MarthaMcFake.com despite two-decade history with Google ad services

McLean, Va. –  After two weeks of unsuccessful petitioning and support consultations, CFO Chris Weir and President Larry Ward of Political Media, Inc. believe their agency's efforts to promote U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Kelli Ward are being deliberately blocked by Google's advertising department.
For more than two weeks, Weir and Ward have been doing everything "by the book" to promote newly launched Kelli Ward microsite -- www.MarthaMcFake.com -- on the silicon giant's advertising platform to no avail.

"We've been placing digital ads on Google for decades and we have never seen anything like this," says Ward. "We have been going back and forth with Google ad services for weeks seeking approval to promote MarthaMcFake.com, a single-page microsite exposing candidate Martha McSally's fake conservatism, and they are playing games with us. With just days left until the August 28 primary for an incredibly hot and closely watched GOP Senate race, this reeks of censorship."

Political Media Chief Financial Officer Chris Weir, who has been in direct communication with Google support, says his conversations with the tech giant have been circular in nature.

"They were telling me that our information didn't match their information: our company name, our address and our EIN," says Weir. "I was on the phone with four different people, two of which were supervisors and our campaign is still without approval despite weeks of effort and literally hours on the phone."

"The folks at Google said our accounts were reviewed manually then they said they were reviewed by a team. After that they said they were reviewed by an automated system. None of their claims were adding up," Weir states. "We sent Google their verification form on August 7th and received neither a letter of approval nor a letter of rejection."

Political Media, Inc. is calling on Google to lift the ban on MarthaMcFake.com promotional advertising, an action that directly inhibits free speech rights and the democratic process in advance of the upcoming primary election in Arizona.
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Political Media, Inc. is no stranger to corporate censorship. In 2012, the digital marketing agency called out Facebook for censoring content they promoted for the veterans-backed organization Special Operations Speaks. The social network suspended Special Operations Speaks after the group released a meme openly challenging President Barack Obama's response to the Benghazi incident.

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