A Harsh Reminder of Gender

  • 06/19/2019
  • Press Corp
"Gender neutral" child by N/A is licensed under CC0
It’s Pride Month. That means many corporations will don the rainbow flag on their logo, an array of colorfully painted people will occupy the streets of every major city to celebrate their sexuality, and Leftists will blow hot air lecturing ignorant bigots like us over how gender is a social construct.

This notion of “76 genders” seems like it came up out of nowhere in the last five years or so, but the concept of gender identity, and the question of “nature vs. nurture” when it comes to gender norms, has actually existed since the 1960s, thanks to the studies of Dr. John Money.

Dr. Money is regarded rather highly among the Left as a pioneer of gender studies. After his death in 2006, CBC released an article praising his work.
But some very shallow digging into his practice reveals stone-cold evidence of how damaging and dangerous it is to mess with the laws of nature, especially when forced on unsuspecting children.

Introducing David Reimer.

David was born in 1965 as Bruce with an identical twin brother named Brian. When the boys were around 6 months, they underwent chemical circumcisions (you can see where the pattern of bad decisions on the part of his parents began). Brian’s was successful. Bruce’s wasn’t.

The procedure badly damaged Bruce’s penis, leaving his parents to worry about how they were going to raise their son. Wanting him to live a normal, healthy life, they stumbled across Dr. Money’s theory of gender neutrality. Money pressed the notion that children didn’t really have a set gender, especially within the first few years, and that gender norms were taught.

Wanting their son to live a normal, healthy life, the Reimers got ahold of this psychiatrist, amputated the rest of Bruce’s penis, and decided to raise him as a girl, renaming him “Brenda.”

For the first two years, everything seemed okay. Money had a golden opportunity to prove his theory, and brought the twins into his office regularly to train “Brenda” to be a girl, and it seemed to work; “Brenda” displayed behaviors of a typical little girl.

But as the boys grew older, problems began to arise. “Brenda” bitterly resented wearing dresses and playing with dolls, and showed no interest in playing with other girls, preferring to play with trucks and other boys. Had “Brenda” actually been a girl, she would have been simply seen as a tomboy, but his true, masculine nature coming to light threatened the validity of Dr. Money’s work, and he became more aggressive in his approach.

According to David and Brian, the therapy sessions became far more sexual in nature. They recalled Money forcing them to take off their clothes to “compare” genitalia, telling “Brenda” that he was a girl because they were different; photographing the naked children, simulating sex acts, and reinforcing the gender norms Money was ironically trying to combat. Money denied ever abusing the children.

These sessions went on for 14 years, but “Brenda” had become deeply depressed, and understandably loathed Dr. Money. The last time he went, Money had secretly pressured “Brenda” to undergo plastic surgery to undergo a vagina, and brought in a man who had had the same surgery. This caused “Brenda” to lash out, and he refused to ever go back.

Fearing they would lose their son, his parents finally revealed the truth, that he had been born a boy and had been raised as a girl. After giving him a choice, “Brenda” decided he wanted to live as a boy, and assumed the name David. By the time he was 22, he had completely reversed the gender reassignment through hormonal therapy, phalloplasty operations, and a double mastectomy. He eventually married Jane Fontaine, and adopted her children.

The damage was done, however, and not just for David. The trauma from the therapy sessions caused his brother Brian to develop schizophrenia, and he eventually died from a suicidal overdose of antidepressants.

The death of his brother created a trauma conga line for David. Soon after Brian’s death, David lost his job, and his wife requested for separation.

Two days later, on May 2, 2004, David drove into a grocery store parking lot, walked into a field with a sawed-off shotgun, and shot himself in the head, at the age of 38.

Dr. Money refused to take responsibility for his actions until the day he died.

David Reimer’s tragic story needs to be a harsh reminder of how damaging and abusive forcing the idea of “gender neutrality,” especially on children, really is. Gender is not a social construct, it is biological, and David is concrete evidence of that. Don’t let the Left spread this nonsense for another second.
"Gender neutral" child by N/A is licensed under CC0