This stupid liberal policy failed, so it's being expanded

  • 05/04/2017
  • Press Corp
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When liberals fail, they're rewarded with more money.

And no one is that stupidity more pervasive than on college campuses.

And the University of Wisconsin is one of those wildlife refuges for liberal stupidity.

The Daily Caller reports:

UW commissioned an independent study of its Pre-College Enrichment Opportunity Program for Learning Excellence, better known as PEOPLE. The purpose of the program, which started in 1999, is to provide college preparatory help to students from non-white, low-income, and less-educated backgrounds in the hopes it will improve their chances of later attending and graduating from UW.
But the study, carried out by Education Northwest and released late last week, found if anything, PEOPLE has been counterproductive.

Only 23 percent of participants who later attended UW were able to graduate in four years, and the six-year graduation rate was just 66 percent. Both figures, the report said, were lower than those for students of similar backgrounds who did not participate in PEOPLE.

The report also found the graduation rates for PEOPLE participants have been declining, even as the graduation rates for low-income UW students as a whole have been rising...

...But instead of pulling the plug, UW vice provost and chief diversity officer Patrick Sims reached a different conclusion, announcing he would seek to increase funding for the program.

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