Black Lives Matter labled 'terrorist group' after members firebomb police station

  • 05/04/2017
  • Press Corp
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The head of the police officers' union in Minneapolis is calling Black Lives Matter a "terrorist group."

Probably because members of the group firebombed a police precinct and tried to assassinate police officers.

Lieutenant Bob Kroll made the statement at a press conference after a second investigation, this time by the U.S. Justice Department, cleared two police officers of wrongdoing after they shot a BLM protester who tried to grab their guns and kill them.

Minneapolis CBS affiliate reports:

Lt. Bob Kroll spoke at a press conference Wednesday afternoon, where he blasted Mayor Betsy Hodges and Minneapolis City Council members Alondra Cano, Cam Gordon and Lisa Bender for creating what he called a “dangerous and unproductive atmosphere.”...

...Kroll’s harshest words were pointed at Black Lives Matter, who he described as a “terrorist organization.”

“I don’t see Black Lives Matter as a voice for the black community in Minneapolis,” he said. “The disruption, the, you know, they firebombed the precinct. There were shootings outside the precinct, hundreds of thousands of dollars [of damage] to the precinct and squad cars.”

Members of Minneapolis' Black Lives Matter movement made headlines last year when they smashed through the gates of the Minnesota State Fair while chanting for the assassinations of police officers, singing “Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon.”

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