55% of Americans OPPOSE more funding for war in Ukraine: CNN poll

A new poll out from CNN shows that most Americans are not on board with sending even more funding to Ukraine to aid their war effort. The Biden administration has sent billions thus far in cash and weapons, sent another $2.1 billion in June, has promised even more, and is undertaking to build more munitions to send to Ukraine to fight the Russians.

Now, 55 percent of Americans have said "the US Congress should not authorize additional funding to support Ukraine" while 45 percent are still in favor of sending more, and 51 percent say the US has already done enough for the beleagured nation.

The US Congress, however, which has approved funding to Ukraine, doesn't even have a clear sense of where that money has gone. While many on the GOP side have asked for accountability and an audit of how US funds were spent, measures to bring in auditors have been rebuffed by the Democrat-led Senate.