Choosing life speaks louder than words

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Here’s the secret to the success of the new movie “Unplanned” — it’s relatable.

It’s not an ideological treatise. It’s not theoretical advocacy. It’s real, it happened, and it’s one woman’s story of how her experiences shaped her worldview. In other words, through her testimony we find empathy. For Abby Johnson has walked a mile in our proverbial shoes. She fell for the same lies that have taken in so many women before her and is now a powerful tool for the truth.

Stevie Rivenbark, a 32-year-old mother of two from Fayetteville, North Carolina, has her own pro-life story to tell. It just so happens she’s sharing it while also running for Congress in the state’s 9th district GOP primary.

In 2012, Rivenbark was in a head-on car collision that killed two other people and subjected her to weeks of surgeries, being hooked up to machines, blood transfusions, and, most importantly, concern for the unborn baby growing inside her.

Then, when she was confronted with a life-threatening infection and the possibility of losing her leg, it was time to find out if she was really against the evil of abortion or not. She was presented with the option of aborting her child in order to help combat her infection. Or, she could do what a mom does: protect her child.
Baby feet by is licensed under n/a