The cap on state and local tax (SALT) deductions has already begun to drive Opens a New Window. some residents away from high-tax Opens a New Window. states like New York and New Jersey, but experts say that trend is only going to intensify.

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Iran Revolutionary Guard shoots down US drone amid tensions

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard shot down a U.S. surveillance drone on Thursday amid heightened tensions between Tehran and Washington over the co

New York, California high-tax state exodus just beginning, expert warns

The cap on state and local tax (SALT) deductions has already begun to drive Opens a New Window. some residents away from high-tax Opens a Ne

A Harsh Reminder of Gender

The harrowing story of a boy raised as a girl is proof that the laws of nature should not be messed with.

The Remarkable Accomplishments of Donald Trump

Years from now, history will note a major event that occurred in 2016. An event that significantly altered the course of the country and the

A scenario of Big Brother run amok that not even George Orwell could have imagined.

In NYC, No One is Safe from Big Brother – Not Even Man’s Best Friend

Government Has No Clue How Much Land It Bought With $815 Million

The Interior Department does not centrally track information about grants awarded for the purpose of acquiring land.

They Don't have to tell you

The FBI published the final rule this week.

Costly Financial Fees You Might Not Know You’re Paying

46% of full-time employed baby boomers polled by investment advisory firm Rebalance IRA in 2014 said they believed they paid no fees.

How to stop robocalls to your cellphone

The federal and state “Do Not Call” lists are supposed to protect people from unwanted calls.

How one Texas parent is trying to solve a growing problem

No organization existed for higher-functioning autistic adults .

America’s kidney disease epidemic

The bipartisan Chronic Kidney Disease Improvement in Research and Treatment Act of 2017 (HR 2644) – was recently introduced.

Congressional Democrats propose greater federal control of the economy

The Democrats have offered a hodgepodge of targeted tax breaks coupled with a crackdown on specific companies they don’t like.

Kim's moneyman reveals smuggling operation

Defector who was Kim's moneyman reveals smuggling operation that keeps dictator and his cronies rich.

West Virginia governor, a Democrat, to switch to Republican

Justice’s defection leaves Democrats with just 15 governors among 50 states.

Further Evidence Of Clinton Pay For Play Scandal

Huma Abedin’s Emails Provide Further Evidence

Wasserman Schultz May Be Forced To Explain Herself To Congress

Lawmakers are confused as to why Wasserman Schultz continued paying Awan and other staffers implicated in the breach.

Baby boomers are no longer majority of American voters

Millennials, Gen Xers overtake Baby Boomers in voting.

May his victims finally Rest in Peace

Oskar Groening was convicted in July 2015 of being an accessory to the murder of 300,000 Jews.

Senate panel to hold bipartisan hearings on healthcare

The Senate Health Committee will begin holding bipartisan hearings the first week of September on how to stabilize and strengthen the individ

Al Gore’s Home Devours 34x More Than Average U.S. Household

Despite spending more than a quarter-million dollars on making his home more environmentally friendly, his energy consumption is higher.