Google is facing a $5 billion class-action lawsuit over allegations of invading the privacy of millions of users by tracking their internet usage through Chrome browsers.

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Elon Musk calls for Amazon to be broken up: 'Monopolies are wrong!'

Elon Musk tweets in response to former New York Times journalist Alex Berenson's book about COVID-19 not meeting Amazon guidelines for sale.

Unemployment Falls to 13.3% and Economy Adds 2.5 Million Jobs

The unemployment rate fell to 13.3 percent and payrolls unexpectedly rose by 2.5 million workers as the easing of restrictions on business ac

America reopening: 14 more states ease restrictions before Memorial Day weekend

As the United States continues its gradual reopening, on Monday more than a dozen states began easing restrictions that had shuttered nonesse

The media is gaslighting America on behalf of antifa

Despite mainstream media reports, antifa are not noble, well-intentioned activists but anarchists who use violence for their own gain.

'Burper' case involving 7th-grader back to Gorsuch court

If a 7th grader starts trading fake burps for laughs in gym class, what's a teacher to do?

Why the U.S. Is right to invest in Nuclear Weapons

Though it may seem counterintuitive, nuclear weapons are a critical tool of world peace.

Five Years Later: Podesta Group discloses extensive lobbying with Hillary

A document filed last month by the Podesta Group revealed the firm failed to disclose dozens of contact points it made with State Dept.

There's a huge court case you need to hear about

There's a huge court case you need to hear about. But the outcome is likely to have enormous repercussions for online privacy, net neutrality

How to stop school lunch shaming? Leave kids out of it

Far too often in school cafeterias across the country, a student is served a lunch, only for it to be thrown away because he or she does not

Steel Industry, Seeing a New Dawn

Stocks are up, and employees at a South Carolina plant are confident in the prospect of infrastructure spending and a tough stand on trade.

U.S. jobless claims fall

U.S. jobless claims fall; continuing claims lowest since 1988

Kill Obamacare’s Bureaucratic Overhead Before We’re Stuck With It

One of the more pernicious legacies of Obamacare is the provision in the law for the establishment of an Independent Payment Advisory Board (

Aetna exits Obamacare exchanges

Health insurance giant Aetna said Wednesday that it will not be participating in any Obamacare exchanges in 2018.

What makes ‘milk’ milk?

Authenticity is important. In a relationship, you trust your partner. In a voting booth, you want to trust your candidate. In a supermarket,

Taxpayers become federal spending watchdogs

The Treasury launched a website Tuesday where people can track how tax dollars are spent .

Little-noticed decision could make it harder for consumers to find cheap flights

The Department of Transportation took a little-noticed action last month that could end up making it harder for consumers to use travel websi

Feinstein: ‘Did Not Recall’ Information Was Classified

Feinstein: ‘Did Not Recall’ Information About San Bernardino Shooter’s Phone Was Classified

What is shaping American politics ?

Throughout and after the 2016 presidential campaign, political observers and scholars have debated the importance of “authoritarianism”

Jimmy Carter: Trump is right on Canada lumber tariff

Former Democratic President Jimmy Carter said Tuesday that he agreed with President Trump's efforts to impose tariffs on lumber imports from

Pentagon Backs Plan To Inject Billions Of Dollars Into US Military In Asia

The U.S. military in Asia may get a big boost over the next few years.