Trump-Supporting Women Allegedly Abused at D.C. Event, Called ‘Nazis,’ ‘C**ts’

Approximately 200 women attended the aforementioned Women for America First event — titled a Very MAGA Holiday Weekend — at the Willard Hotel. The alleged “high-profile Democrat wedding” took place in an adjacent ballroom.

Women for America First is an outside conservative organization that supports President Donald Trump and is run by longtime grassroots conservative activist Amy Kremer.

The press release alleges that the private event held by Women for America First was interrupted “at least” 30 times by the wedding’s participants, including a physical assault against Jonathan Gilliam, a retired Navy SEAL and former FBI special agent, who attended the event.

The press release further alleges that Women for America First event’s guests were derided as “c*nts,” “MAGA trash,” and Nazis” by the wedding’s attendees.