Obama’s Legacy: Empowering Iran And Russia

On December 2, Arab media sources reported that Israeli warplanes flew over the Golan Heights, entered Syrian airspace, and bombed an Iranian military installation inside Syria.

Iran’s quest for strategic dominance in the region has been ongoing for decades. In recent years, Iran has been aided by three fundamental events: ISIS’ wrought chaos has provided new opportunities for Iranian interventionism; the Obama administration’s incomprehensible decision to release $170 billion in Iranian assets, and the Obama administration’s intrusion into Operation Casandra, an American intelligence operation directed against the Hezbollah’s ferrying drugs and cash between it and the Venezuelan communist dictatorship.

So obsessed was the Obama administration with nuclear “agreement” with Iran that a large-scale American operation designed to stop the drugs for cash operation between Iran’s terrorist proxy and the communist dictatorship was halted.

For the Middle East, the new arrangement with Iran was a shift in the strategic balance of power in favor of the Iranian quest for hegemony. For the rest of the world, it has meant more drugs on the streets of Western cities and the threat of Iranian proxies in Latin America with Venezuelan passports. Even the time frame for Iranian postponement of building a nuclear weapon is not agreed upon. The “agreement” itself was never signed. Iranian military installations are immunized from inspection.

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