Divisive issue for the Dems

A lot is riding on the 2018 midterms for Democrats. Eager to retake control of the House and Senate, the party is looking to stay as unified as possible in the coming months.

But that could prove difficult. Just three days in 2018, Democrats appear to be on the verge of civil war over the issue of immigration.

Party leaders promised a government shut down at the end of 2017 if protections for about 800,000 immigrants were not put in place. President Trump rescinded the Obama-era policy known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), giving Congress until March to come to a solution on how to handle the situation.

But a government shutdown never happened, and some on the far left are beginning to train their fire on party moderates, whom they view as part of the problem:

Liberal groups with millions of members, like MoveOn, are threatening primary election challenges later this year against Democrats who don’t fight hard enough for so-called “Dreamers.” Meanwhile, the liberal organization CREDO is pledging to block campaign cash from uncooperative Democrats, and the pro-immigration United We Dream is preparing a new wave of camera-friendly protests at the Capitol and outside congressional Democrats’ offices nationwide.

“The unity and trust between the grassroots and elected Democrats is rapidly eroding. It could turn ugly if this goes on any further,” said Ben Wikler, MoveOn’s Washington director.

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