A Dem willing to ban Sanctuary cities

Virginia Democrat Ralph Northam: I’d Sign A Bill Banning Sanctuary Cities.

House Republicans Unveil Tax Reform Bill

As for the details, the plan will impact both personal and corporate taxes.

3 Stories That Show Big Brother is Alive and Well

Getting Clever with Fear to Restrict the Internet.

Intense sprint toward a landmark tax overhaul

House passes budget, paving way for $1.5 trillion tax cuts

Tax Cuts: JFK and Reagan Did It

There hasn’t been this much unity among Republicans on a transformative economic issue since Ronald Reagan.

Breaking down the fiscal 2018 budget passed by Senate

The fiscal 2018 budget passed late-Thursday night.

Its all about name

The plan they loved was actually President Trump’s.

An Economic Poison Pill

America’s economy will not collapse without easy access to illegal labor.

Fleeing Obamacare

Healthshare ministries are challenging Obamacare – and theDescription health insurance industry

Why payday loan sharks should be arrested and tried

Lenders take advantage of cash-strapped individuals at exorbitant interest rates that can top 800%

Why the Budget matters?

McCain endorses budget bill in win for GOP tax-reform effort

Big Media Dishonestly Slam 'Big Soda'

These taxes are cynical money grabs dishonestly disguised as public health initiatives.

Obamacare payments declared illegal

Without payments, insurers say they would jack up premiums.

California secessionists think their path to independence is easy

The California Freedom Coalition is collecting signatures to get its ballot initiative in front of voters in 2018.

A little-known perk for the powerful

An old-school pharmacy hand-delivers drugs to Congress

A no win situation

The Curious Case of the Democrats vs Zuckerberg.

The tax-reform plan

This all adds up to a better tax code and faster economic growth in just a decade.

Why We Need To Pass Our Budget

The next step in fulfilling our promise to the American people is passing our balanced budget.

A Tax Cut That Works For All Americans

The fact is, we all pay the corporate tax. And we all have a stake in seeing it cut.

IRS Can Collect Taxes From You Owed By Someone Else

The IRS sometimes comes after one taxpayer to collect the tax liability of someone else. How is this possible, you might wonder?