A little-known perk for the powerful

An old-school pharmacy hand-delivers drugs to Congress

A no win situation

The Curious Case of the Democrats vs Zuckerberg.

The tax-reform plan

This all adds up to a better tax code and faster economic growth in just a decade.

Why We Need To Pass Our Budget

The next step in fulfilling our promise to the American people is passing our balanced budget.

A Tax Cut That Works For All Americans

The fact is, we all pay the corporate tax. And we all have a stake in seeing it cut.

IRS Can Collect Taxes From You Owed By Someone Else

The IRS sometimes comes after one taxpayer to collect the tax liability of someone else. How is this possible, you might wonder?

What’s the difference between a tax and a fee?

How a court fight over a 20-cent bag fee could change the way Coloradans pay for government.

ObamaCare’s Tax on the Poor

The mandate penalty hits low-income Americans the hardest

Medical Care: Next Big Cyber Threat

Ultimately, any vulnerability can be exploited by anyone who can write the code.

Spoofed By Equifax

Add another "oops" to Equifax's pile

Liberal Group Targets Money in Politics, Spends Big Money

This just in: The Democratic Party—barely relevant between the coasts and decimated under President Obama—has found a winning issue in 2018.

In wake of Equifax hack

Senators worry troops could fall victim to fraud.

Cybersecurity Questions Every Leader Should Ask

What’s your worst cyber nightmare?

Kuwait gives N. Korea's ambassador a month to leave Gulf state

The measures follow a visit less than two weeks ago by Kuwait Emir Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmad Al-Sabah to Washington.

Government Funds used to Buy Tuxedo for Pug

Ex-government worker accused of paying her bills and buying dog tuxedo in $200G spending spree.

6 Surprising Things About Hurricane Irma

Irma should not have surprised anyone. It was on our "radar" for many days.

ObamaCare signup groups to get funding word this week

Groups that help people sign up for ObamaCare are expected to learn this week how much money they’ll receive.

Don't call out from work?

In the U.S. there is no such thing as disaster leave. However It’d be a chancy business for an employer to discharge somebody right now.

Five questions about the massive Equifax breach

Many important questions — even some that seem to be answered — are not entirely resolved.

3 Ways the US Tax Code Is Killing Our Economy’s Potential

Our current tax code suppresses business creation, expansion, and reinvestment thanks to high tax rates.